Meet the Team

Robin Collins

Hey! I'm Robin, wife to my high school sweetheart, mother to 3 beautiful children (Lucy, Molly and Bruce) and lover of photography.

I have been a hobbyist in photography since 2010 until finally creating the official business of Robin Collins Photography in January 2016. I strive to create unique and beautiful images for every session and event. My images are clear, sharp and emotional. I do lifestyle and posed images in each session to provide a variety to choose from. 

Things I love:
God, Family, Laughter, Harry Potter, Traveling, Ice Cream, Italian food, Fun hair colors

Things I don't love:
My food touching, Romantic Comedies that don't have a happy ending, Cleaning

More information about the business of RCP:

I am focused on providing top quality products AND digitals to my clients. When you book, consider what you will do with the images once they are completed. Imagine prints, canvas and metal prints lining your walls and incorporating them into your home and office decor. Imagine sharing all your digitals with friends and family online.

When planning a wedding, I help you decide each and every moment of your big day. Together, we create a timeline to help things move smoothly. Along with affordable wedding photography, you are also getting a bonus wedding planner!

Heather Gilliam Fleming

Heather is our second shooter. She is the girl responsible for making sure our wedding photography is a complete success. She loves to capture all the special details that mean so much to our clients. She was personally trained by Robin.  She is in college studying to be an Occupational Therapist. Fun facts: Heather is a licensed cosmetologist, loves Harry Potter, and is known by her family as a SUPREME CUDDLER.

Mandy Gibbs

Mandy is our word guru. She writes our blog and heads up all of our social media interactions. She is a busy mom of 5, who also works from home teaching ESL classes to kids in China. When she isn't doing that, she is recording and editing videos for her YouTube channel WayCupNMakeup. She prides herself in being all things to everyone. Wife. Mom. Professional Selfie Taker. Teacher. Blogger. Drugstore Glam Goddess. Lover of travel and nature. Crier at weddings and births (Even if I just attend through Robin's photos).