How to Photograph Your Own Children

How to Photograph Your Own Children

As a photographer, you might think that I am constantly taking brilliant photos of my own children. If you’re a mom of 3, you know that can’t possibly be true! They are constantly on the move, which means I am too! As much as I’d like to make a commitment to photographing my kids at least one frame a day, it’s simply unrealistic. So, I try to make the photos I do take count! Here are some tips to help you take photos of your own children.IMG_9664-2

-First, leave  your camera accessible. Not in the wide open, necessarily, if you have young children, like me. I keep my camera either hidden under our coffee table which happens to also be against a wall, or up high on a ledge in our living room. By having my camera easily accessible, I am much more likely to grab it instead of my phone when something cute is happening.IMG_4297

-Practice your new techniques on your kids. I’ve taken more “chances” and learned more technique on my own kids than I have during a paid session. It’s much safer when you have time and a model that can’t leave. For example, I learned how to back button focus and single point focus on my girls in just a few minutes. But it’s better to learn at home than on the job.IMG_6723

-Learn the limits of your gear on your kids. How far will your camera ISO go without creating unreasonable noise? Test that in every room of your house that has different lighting. I had a lot of fun playing with the shutter speed in this series of photos I did one night.IMG_8661

-Get your kids in on your themed sessions. This is the perfect opportunity to get a quick 10 minutes from them in an actual thought out and controlled environment.IMG_7584

-Go with the flow. Sometimes they won’t be into it, use that to experiment in moodier photos. In this session of my oldest in my wedding dress, I got one photo of her smiling. Everyone loved them, they had no idea!10003202_10201310319831008_85184160_n

-Have fun! You’re bound to get some really great images by using your favorite models while learning and growing (you should always be improving your craft!).IMG_9719


Hey! I'm Robin, wife to my high school sweetheart, mother to 3 beautiful children (Lucy, Molly and Bruce) and lover of photography. I have been a hobbyist in photography since 2010 until finally creating the official business of Robin Collins Photography in January 2016. I strive to create unique and beautiful images for every session and event. My images are clear, sharp and emotional. I do lifestyle and posed images in each session to provide a variety to choose from. Things I love: God, Family, Laughter, Harry Potter, Traveling, Ice Cream, Italian food, Fun hair colors Things I don't love: My food touching, Romantic Comedies that don't have a happy ending, Cleaning

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