My new creative space

My new creative space

It’s bizarre calling myself a “creative”. I think it is because I never really considered myself to be one until recently. I would always pass on creative work because I didn’t “have a creative bone in my body”. Maybe it’s always been there or maybe I’ve developed all my creativity as an adult. Either way, I know one thing. A creative person needs a space to “work” that inspires them. That sparks that small part of their brain that activates the creative in them.

My previous work space did NOT inspire me. It was LITERALLY stacked to the ceiling with props, my kids toys that we took away and miscellaneous paperwork that needed to be shredded.

I knew I needed a new desk but I didn’t have any direction there. I am drawn to things that are simple and clean and organized…but many times, I am none of those things and nothing in my house fits that bill either. So, instead, I looked at it as a business and potential for photographing some products in the future. Then, I got inspired.

I asked around on Facebook (Facebook knows all) about where to get some good furniture. I posted a few images of desks that I liked, but I wasn’t married to any of the layouts. My friend and cake extraordinaire, Jessica, messaged me and said her husband was dabbling in woodwork recently and would be able to make me a desk! Yes! All the creatives! Also, I just love supporting other small business.

I made a few adjustments to one of the desk images I had found and here is what he created!

2017-10-04_0001I knew the desk had to be L shaped. The space for my desk was L shaped and I needed the room. My house is small and my work space a very small part of it, so I need the most organization possible in the smallest space possible.

The left side of the desk is painted gold and the file drawers have gold hardware to match all the gold accessories and chair legs (and logo!).2017-10-04_0002I got most of my desk accessories at Wal-Mart and the rest from Amazon. The chair also came from amazon and I will use it as a prop in sessions, as well. Everything here needs to be multi-functional and almost all if is!2017-10-04_0003If you saw our vow renewal that I styled this year, you’ll know I’m totally into terrariums and succulents. These are fake, cause, kids. But they look so good! I love the geometric tape dispenser.

You know I had to highlight my USBs while I was at it! 🙂2017-10-04_0004Here’s what I have in my drawers right now. Office supplies not pretty enough to go on my desk in the first drawer. Film and USB drives in the second. Hanging files for boring and soul sucking work like paying taxes.

OK, so there is my space. Here is my very first flat lay design which will feature in a blog later about how I use my apple watch for work on wedding days! So, stay tuned for that!


Check out Chris’ work here: The Weathered Wood Smiths and be sure to let him know if he can build something amazing for you, too!



Hey! I'm Robin, wife to my high school sweetheart, mother to 3 beautiful children (Lucy, Molly and Bruce) and lover of photography. I have been a hobbyist in photography since 2010 until finally creating the official business of Robin Collins Photography in January 2016. I strive to create unique and beautiful images for every session and event. My images are clear, sharp and emotional. I do lifestyle and posed images in each session to provide a variety to choose from. Things I love: God, Family, Laughter, Harry Potter, Traveling, Ice Cream, Italian food, Fun hair colors Things I don't love: My food touching, Romantic Comedies that don't have a happy ending, Cleaning

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